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TheMatch International and TheMatch Interim Support were created in 2007 to provide an answer to the everyday challenges of corporations operating in the product value chain thatá source, produce, sell or test products from in particular (Eastern) Europe and China (Asia) intended for the European and North American markets.

TheMatch is all about expanding your business through strategy development, building an effective business and organization and organizing sufficient control on the process to safeguard that customers receive the products that they expect.

TheMatch is also about setting up processes related toá product specification, product end-market requirements, process improvements, quality management, sourcing, product liability, and also with establishing your set-up in China for sourcing, testing or production purposes.

25 years of experience in international business practice guarantee you the best possible support in increasing your business. Close relationships and solid partners in China promise effective support in doing business there.

We welcome manufacturers, traders, retail companies and certifiers to contact us and we will make your strategic and operational jigsaw puzzle pieces fit together!

Maarten J. van der Dussen MBA

General Manager

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TheMatch Interim Support BV



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